Forthcoming threat analytics paper


Threat-Trait Composition Analytics falls into three broad categories

·        Board Level Threats

·        Human Resource Controllable Threats

·        Operational Threats

·        Financially Impacting Threats


Board Level or Senior Threats

Near-time Retirees (‘Counting down the days…’)

Scary Board-level Dinosaurs

The ‘Desperate to Leave’

The Golden Handcuffed


Human Resource Controllable Threats

Accident Prone

New Joiners

The Underpaid and Undervalued

The Incompetent

Vapourware Salesman

Poisoners of Organisational Think-Space

The Unimportant

Calendar Counters

Going on Holiday

Leaving for new job/department

Purveyors of Vapourware

Poisoners of Organisational Think-Space

Social Mediocrity

             Tell all...

Read/Believe All...

Proud To 'Live the Fallacy'

Perniciously Politically Correct

Virtue Seekers

The Blindly Assumptive

Not My Job

Somebody Else's Responsibility

Blind Believers (who should probably be leavers!)

Fervent 'Flat Earthers'

People With A Secret 

Mystique Creators) (that is nothing of the sort)

Deluded Deniers

Post Employment A/c Holders


Indefensible Liars



Gullible/impressionable Interviewers

Calendar Counters

                              Going on Holiday

                              Leaving for new job/department


Operationally Controlled Threats


The 'Far too...' Culture

Busy to...

Important to...

Degrading to...

Self-Declared Experts

Security Self-licking Lollies (can't discuss security because of...'security')


Hoarders and Hiders...(assemblage of miscellaneous analeckta)

Bone Idle...

Indolent Change Advisory Board

Ill-equipped Home 'Workers'

Hugely Experienced (by virtue of 30 years in IT...)

Reality - 3 years experience in IT repeated 10 times!

IBM Mainframe Cobol Programmers...think they can still programme!

Old ways are the only ways!

Functional Probers (of security or other procedures)


Financially Impacting Threats



ACCA holders unqualified in IT (but with implacable, relentless, irrefutable belief in their incomparable and unassailable level of IT expertise!)

Choice Coercives – Self-fulfilliing Sophists (Speciously 'create' problems they warned 'might' happen)

Bad News Purveyors

People With A Secret (and may not know what to do with it?)

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