CDD Philosophy

Honesty and Quality

CDD can be relied upon to be completely open, discrete and honest in all matters, and at all times, and with all clients.  CDD will provide the highest attainable quality of service to all its clients  and at all times.  

CDD's consultants are security cleared to high levels, being vital for the conduct of technical services and interaction within departments of Her Majesty's Government. 

Ethics and Aesthetics

CDD will combine systems ethics and operational aesthetics to deliver the highest attainable levels of applicability and usability of security capability. 

The CDD culture of innovation ensures attainment of bleeding-edge security engineering.


CDD will endeavour to ensure that all services are performed with maximum, or optimized efficiency. There will never be any occassion where nugatory or unnecessary services will ever be undertaken and will provide the leanest possible capability necessary to achieve the stated requirement(s).


Green Credentials

CDD has invested in the use of a Powerstation that derives energy from photovoltaic cells which can be utilised under normal operations and in an emergency capacity.   

For the purpose of normal administration and research, CDD uses very capable laptop and mini computers configured to utilise minimal, yet optimum power and centralised local data storage (as opposed to cloud storage) to maximise security and minimise power consumption arising from distributed storage utilization.  Centralised grid computation in CDD is centered upon Apple architectures.  



CDD recently augmented the firm’s grid super-computing capability by utilisation of ultra-low power multi-core systems that achieve the highest possible processing speed, efficiency and applicability for the lowest possible power demands. 

This is especially important for preparation of CDD's heavily recursive, high density ML-AI processing that underpins security applications development and other research. These processing approaches have been interwoven into CDD's cyber essentials operational methodology.


Innovative Culture 

CDD promotes and applies a culture of continuous directed innovation with clarity and volition, enhancing process with specific objectives and products that meet requirements.

CDD properly enables creative conceptualisation within cybersecurity that gives rise to increased value within organisations and associated rewards for those (clients) capable of such realisation. 


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