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  • Susceptibility Reduction
  • Objective Analysis for Security Improvement And Enhancing Wealth

CDD Cyber-news of the day:

Free Cyber Security Assessment


Security Account Manager bug (known as SeriousSAM)


Thousands of organisations adversely impacted by the Kaseya vulnerability




Highly Targeted Spoof Email



Clearing Up Certain Fallacies Around VPN Technologies – 

'...only deploy this if you are at higher risk by virtue of what you do'.

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This is a serious issue covered by CVE-2021-36934 - a major vulnerability in the Windows 10 operating system that can allow threat actors to gain access to elevated privileges and user accounts passwords.


The Kayseya zero-day vulnerability exploited by extortionists has affected a range of organisations including for example, Sweden's Coop - so now 20% of the country's food distribution is in jeopardy!  The 'REvil' Russian group are the most prolific and technically capable extortionists on the planet.  Therefore in response, businesses must be able to both backup their data and system configurations and restore their critical processes or suffer serious consequences. It is easy to do...drop us a line!  


We have received highly targeted, sophisticated spoof email this morning, that could have resulted in serious network compromise.  If you'd like to see the technical report, please send a request using the contact method below this report.  


There may be concern that cyber attackers can see what people are doing and which web sites people are visiting, but most critical applications deploy strong encryption of data in transit.  ISP's may restrict content and perform geolocation and a very few may gather identification data for nefarious purposes;  websites themselves may employ tracking technologies such as cookies and adaptive pixels.

Mature VPN technology has been excellently deployed for the purposes of establishing secured connectivity for end users as well as linking branch offices, data centres and BC/DR operations.

But VPNs are not an internet connection, or provide protection from malware. They are no cloak of invisibility nor in any way defend against user stupidity!  They do provide anonymity, an encryption safety-net and bypass attempts to censor, geolocate and observe internet DNS requests. 


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